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      Food safety is a major issue related to the National People's livelihood. Packaging is closely related to it, and its importance is beyond doubt. The demand for packaged food increases with the growth of urban population and the rapid development of retail infrastructure, which promotes the expansion of packaging market. According to a report of a Market Research Institute, by 2026, the annual compound growth rate of the global food packaging market will be 5.6%, reaching US $606.3 billion. At the same time, the packaging industry also presents a new development trend.

     At present, China's food packaging is divided into four categories: metal packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging and glass packaging. With the gradual enhancement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, the market of paper packaging is expanding.

In recent years, with the change of social development concept, food packaging materials have developed in the direction of green and environmental protection. In the future, food packaging enterprises will inevitably face three aspects of competition, namely environmental protection, quality and cost. At present, more and more countries and regions in the world have restricted or prohibited the use of plastic products in different ways. In addition to "replacing plastic with paper" and reducing "white pollution", the use of new packaging materials (such as biomaterials) has also become the direction of the industry. With the rapid development of China's national economy and the sustained and rapid growth of China's consumer goods market, China's packaging industry has ushered in opportunities and challenges. Facing the upgrading of people's consumption, there are high requirements for food packaging. Green environmental protection, diverse functions, safety and reliability will also become a new trend in the development of the packaging industry.

     We will also comply with the market demand and actively assist customers to develop more green and energy-saving paper packaging