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Analysis on the development status of China's food packaging industry in 2022 (Figure)

     With the rapid development of China's economy, especially the acceleration of the pace of life, people have changed their traditional way of life. People are more and more reluctant to spend more time in the kitchen. The new generation of consumer groups are growing, which makes convenient food maintain a good growth momentum. In recent years, the investment of many foreign enterprises in convenience food has also ushered in new opportunities for the development of China's convenience food industry.

1. Market scale of food packaging industry

Food packaging is a large part of the packaging industry, accounting for about 60% of the market share of the whole packaging industry. Due to the stricter regulatory requirements imposed on environmental protection, China's packaging industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and the volume of packaging enterprises and sales of packaging products have dropped significantly. After effective control of COVID-19, the demand for various packaging materials has been increasing. The market scale of food packaging industry in 2020 is about 603 billion 900 million yuan. The China Business Industry Research Institute expects that the market scale of China's food packaging industry will rise to 625 billion 900 million yuan in 2022.


2. Food packaging related enterprises

From 2016 to 2020, the number of new enterprises related to food packaging in China showed a steady upward trend, which reflected the gradual increase of industry entrants and the increasingly fierce market competition. In 2020, China's food packaging related enterprises increased by 58821, an increase of nearly 14000 compared with the previous year. With the accelerated promotion of the dual carbon policy, the new increment of China's food packaging related enterprises decreased to 54082 in 2021.